M.O.B.C is a Blockchain Technology Incubator

M.O.B.C founded in 2018 and incorporated in St Vincent and the Grenadines,

is a focused startup incubator and accelerator for talented visionaries creating solution to real world problems using blockchain technology.
We provide the perfect environment, resources and expertise to bridge real economy into the fascinating and challenging world of the blockchain
We aspire to push the boundary of blockchain application to realise its true potential and to disrupt the status quo.

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What we offer



Ongoing investor updates and audits of post blockchain assets.



Advisory services for businesses looking to conduct blockchain assets development & deployment.



Certification for blockchain asset’s that are validated by our audit partners.



Listing to exchanges with distribution and liquidity support.



Underwriting and pre-listing to blockchain assets exchanges.



Integrates KYC processes to comply with AML rules and regulations for utmost compliance.

FundsAccelerator Programs & Fund

Picture this – If you can re-invent the world on the a blank canvas - why wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? We provide support to ingenious applicants to realize their Blockchain dreams!

If you don’t have the capital to build your prototype product, by all means approach us! WE will help fund your cause and project, and even help you to attain your blockchain assets development and goals. We help new blockchain startups to get off the ground and succeed.


Marketing Ideas & Concepts

Our resources entail roadshows, trade-shows, co-branded exhibitions, seminars, courses and private events that will feature all our partners. MOBC will integrate and provide all certified, listed coin foundation with:


Campaign Conceptualization


Event Management


Digital marketing


Corporate Events



AdviceWe utilize M.E.N. to advocate your cause:



We provide assistance to help your project to gain the best concepts from a technical and business perspective, and guide your project both technically and structurally to attain legitimacy and competency, and, to prepare for a long term future. Our professional experts are ever-ready to help you conduct due-diligence and decide whether your project is viable or not, as we would then help you build your prototype and prepare for the real world adoption.



Your works will be projected and channelled to the world who believes in your ideas, providing options for those who seek to understand and seek out new investment opportunities.



Our vast FinTech network enables true shareholder participation and unparalleled fundraising speed – A highly valued criterion in meeting your blockchain assets needs. We are bullish on investing in blockchain assets because we believe in the power of it for founders and investors. Our intent is to focus on great teams with great business models who possess the vision and discipline to grow them into sustainable companies.


M.O.B.C AdvisoryOur team is dedicated to catalysing new blockchain startup.

Our team has experience in a broad range of industries. From working within one of the world’s largest investment banks, founding a blockchain cross border payment startup, and leading of some of the world’s biggest global organisations, our diverse experiences can help us understand your industry to best service the needs of your new startup.

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Blockchain Assets LaunchpadLaunching your own startup made easy with M.O.B.C

MOBC offers an all-inclusive solution for setting up blockchain assets such as creating and issuing tokens, hosting the crowd-sale platform, exchange trading and much more.

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Blockchain Assets Exchange ListingThe ultimate destination, as we set path with your project from incubation progress to funds raising, solidifying your technical prowess and projecting it to real-world adoption

- We will help you to get to this motive – having your blockchain assets certified and BEING LISTED on blockchain assets exchange platform.

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M.O.B.C ServicesWe provide due diligence certification and underwriting services for new blockchain assets.

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